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From The Great Resignation to Quiet Quitting, we thought we had seen it all regarding workplace trends. Rapid evolution in the world of work has brought with it a rollercoaster of change for employees and organizations, and, well, people are feeling it. 

The latest trend to emerge is called The Great Gloom. Described as increased disengagement, feelings of apathy, and a lack of connection to both their work and organization, individuals have reported even higher levels of disengagement than during the pandemic. The frequency and kind of communication that happens in your organization directly impacts the engagement, morale, and productivity of your people. In this environment, effective communication is quite literally more important than ever to prevent the systemic problems that cause The Great Gloom and jeopardize your business. 

By embracing open dialogue, listening actively, and offering support, we can better connect with those who may be struggling and create a safe and inclusive space.  

To address this new concern, DiSC® recently introduced the “Get Advice on Catalyst™” tool to help organizations effectively improve communication throughout their workforce, inspiring better relationships and thriving cultures… one interaction at a time. It helps improve interpersonal communication at scale. 

By equipping each employee with personalized insights and practical strategies for connecting, collaborating, getting buy-in, and managing tension, Get Advice helps employees apply DiSC® to the real-world social situations they face daily.  

With this value-add feature, employees will:  

  • Find colleagues they interact with in their daily work lives. 
  • Understand how similarities and differences impact their relationship. 
  • Gain tips for tackling common social situations with success.

Effective communication has a profound impact on engagement and level of satisfaction in the workplace. Managers need to create a culture that promotes engagement, and organizations at large need to put time, energy, and resources into improving cross-functional team communication. Investing in these areas will go a long way in preventing the spreading of apathy and disengagement of The Great Gloom. 

Use DiSC® to promote more cohesive and empathetic cultures with the potential to turn The Great Gloom into The Great Bloom. Contact me today to learn more!


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