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We love working with organizations to find new and creative ways to generate brand awareness. We’re constantly investing in the newest technology in the commercial printing business and making sure our staff has access to the best training and certifications in the industry. All so we can offer you a full suite of graphic design and imaging services –from vibrant and professionally installed vehicle wraps to highly impactful 3D in-store POS displays and commercial business signs.

What challenges did you and your team experience before engaging with Suzanne?

Printscape operated on a strong core foundation of outstanding service, high employee retention (the average employee tenure is 12+ years), and cutting-edge design. But the energy in the facility was down, employees seemed to just be going through the motions, and while our customer service wasn’t suffering, we did see an increase in mistakes and reprints that were affecting the bottom line.

Printscape employees about 35 people which doesn’t warrant a full time HR manager, but John had a clear vision about what needed to be done, he simply needed an HR professional to see his vision and help put the tools and programs together to help him implement his ideas.

We agreed it was time to infuse some positivity, re-commit to Printscape’s operating principles (the 4 P’s: Polite, Proactive, Positive, and Participative) and to its Strategic Competencies for Empowering Decisions: Customer Driven, Cost Effective Fast & Flexible, and Continuous Improvement.

We have what we need in place but realized that we lost sight of things over time. We needed to put in the work to improve our culture and our performance.

How did Suzanne solve the problem that the business faced?

The engagement started with a Reset for Success workshop in which John’s vision was brought back to life for the whole team to hear from him and Darin that the principle and competencies still matter; that each member of the team has a personal responsibility to help create a workplace and a work product that we could all be proud of and benefit from.

Bring attention to what really matters had an immediate impact on the key performance indicators, with a significant reduction on re-prints.

The next program was to take a deeper dive into the employee experience with a custom engagement survey and employee interviews to identify opportunities for continuous culture improvement. This “Healthy Culture Project” resulted in improved communications, changes in leadership structure, and investing energy and efforts into strengthening accountability while keeping a family vibe.


Tools used with the organization:

  • Custom Employee Engagement Survey
  • Team member interviews
  • Everything DiSC workplace and management profiles
  • One:one coaching
  • Mission, Vision, Values workshop

Measurable Results

Employees and managers now have the actionable tools to communicate more effectively and work better together to see projects through to completion.

A significant reduction of employee complaints and issues has allowed Darin to focus more on business operations

Redo orders down decreased by 76%

Substantially improved customer satisfaction resulting in 5-star Google rating


Our relationship with Suzanne as our on-call HR advisor has been instrumental to our growth. Since we started our work with her, we have more than doubled our bottom-line profit.

Whether it is a group discussion or a one-on-one conversation, talking with Suzanne is always therapeutic. Suzanne brings out the best in all of us because of her openness, expertise, and straightforward approach. With her help, we have become more direct, transparent, and focused as an organization. Employee issues do not dilute our work; our teams are thriving and taking pride in their work again.

—Owner, Printscape Imaging and Graphics

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