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Discover the transformative power of Everything DiSC® with WeInspire. Our DiSC Certification program is a pathway to creating a culture of understanding and collaboration within your organization.

Everything DiSC Facilitator Certification

Bringing Everything DiSC® to Your Organization

As more organizations experience the benefits of bringing Everything DiSC® to their employees, they also recognize the importance of having a credentialed professional in their organization who can keep DiSC alive in the company’s culture. Our experience tells us that certified clients create well-informed advocates who keep employees engaged with DiSC over time. Let’s put the knowledge directly in your hands through Everything DiSC® Certification.

Everything DiSC® Certification prepares practitioners to deliver engaging and impactful DiSC® learning experiences that help people work better together. This 2-week course is a holistic DiSC experience that teaches the principles of Everything DiSC through a variety of applications and activities.  

  • Own customized Everything DiSC® portal for profile administration

  • Capability to tailor communications for participants.
  • Access to team views and comprehensive group reports.
  • Integration into onboarding and talent development programs.
  • Enjoy discounted pricing for broader accessibility.
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Open a Subaccount

Would you like the autonomy to administer Everything DiSC® on your own? We offer the opportunity for you to purchase, administer and teach the concepts of Everything DiSC® on your own.


Establishing an Everything DiSC® Subaccount gives you: 

  • your own customized Everything DiSC® site to administer profiles
  • opportunity to create specific communications for participants
  • access to team view and group reports
  • a way to easily incorporate the use of Everything DiSC® into your onboarding, talent development, and employee engagement programs
  • discounted pricing


I was amazed at how accurately the DiSC assessment described my work style. It highlighted my unique skillsets and challenged me to approach situations from new angles.  

With the click of a button, Catalyst compared the distinct styles of my colleagues and taught me how to successfully communicate and collaborate with different styles. 

DiSC enabled me to fully appreciate the diversity of my team. It demonstrated the key role that each style plays in the overall success of a team.  

— HR Generalist, TruFood Manfucturing  

with insight and connection

Everything DiSC® – The Culture Catalyst™ 

Improve workplace culture with personalized insights that inspire behavior change. 

Everything DiSC® is an assessment-based learning experience that deepens self-awareness, inspires appreciation of others, and fosters effective collaboration in the workplace. Backed by over 40 years of research, companies can expect customizable solutions that meet your organization’s unique training needs. Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to cultural change today.

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Discover the DiSC Difference through our clients’ stories.

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