Expert Guidance for Organizational Growth


Robots and Pencils

Custom software company that works with a variety of clients in different industries. Identify the problems faced by businesses and provide guidance to develop technological solutions.

Robots and Pencils have been working with Suzanne for approximately five years.

What challenges did you and your team experience before engaging with Suzanne? 

Robots and Pencils chose to engage with Suzanne because they recognized the need for large-scale initiatives and wanted to develop and implement talent success within their organization. They specifically requested Suzanne for guidance and expertise in evaluating and conducting the implementation process, establishing better coaching practices, and becoming a career coach for talent. The company also sought guidance in developing individuals into managers and leaders and providing leadership and coaching advice for talent.

How did Suzanne solve the problem that the business faced?

Suzanne effectively addressed the problem by providing various solutions and support. She identified and sourced different programs, such as performance management platform and engagement survey, that could be used to improve talent engagement and provide feedback. Additionally, she offered workshops and training modules on unconscious bias to enhance awareness and create a more inclusive environment.

Suzanne collaborated closely with managers in the hiring process and provided personalized coaching and learning opportunities to both talent and Lara. Through her extensive experience and understanding of the organization’s needs, Suzanne was able to support and guide talent in their career progression, ultimately serving as a valuable talent business partner. Her solutions are fully customizable and personable to the organization’s needs – they are not off-the-shelf products.


Tools used with the organization:

Everything DiSC, Catalyst, and Working Genius assessments are continually used within the organization for talent engagement and development.

Measurable Results

Suzanne played a crucial role in helping the organization grow from a small to a medium-sized business. She provided frameworks and programs that maintain the organization’s culture and bridge the gap between talent and executive leadership by understanding what is needed daily and translating it into something tangible and valuable for leadership. Her expertise in understanding and motivating team leadership is incredible. Suzanne’s strengths lie in tailoring conversations and providing personalized solutions. She has an acute understanding of what is happening in the current HR environment. Her unique perspective and expertise sets the organization, talent, and leaders up for success.


Suzanne goes above and beyond to provide innovative solutions, always considering how they can contribute to one’s career development. What sets Suzanne apart is her ability to seamlessly blend personal and business aspects, which is not commonly found in off-the-shelf coaching programs. This approach has greatly benefited Lara in identifying areas for growth and working closely with directors and teams to achieve their objectives. Suzanne’s personalized approach allows integration into day-to-day activities while addressing individual goals. Moreover, she offers extra guidance and multiple perspectives on various situations, enabling continuous learning and growth.

—Talent Experience Director, Robots & Pencils