Transforming Organizational Dynamics

Whether it’s shaping company culture, boosting employee engagement, or tackling talent development challenges, our approach is tailor-made to fit your unique business needs. As a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, we bring a blend of inclusivity, innovation, and excellence to every project.

Solutions for Today’s  Organizations

Leadership Development

Leadership Development at WeInspire transforms potential into excellence. Our programs are custom-designed to cultivate visionary leaders who drive innovation and growth.

Talent Consulting

Our Talent Consulting services are dedicated to optimizing your workforce’s capabilities. We help you identify, develop, and retain top talent, ensuring your team is not just skilled but strategically aligned with your organizational goals.

DiSC Certification

Enhance team performance with our DiSC Certification. This powerful tool offers insights into workplace behaviors and communication styles, empowering your team to work more effectively.


We produce results.

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Our relationship with Suzanne as our on-call HR advisor has been instrumental to our growth. Since starting our work with her, we have doubled our bottom-line profit.

Whether it is a group discussion or a one-on-one conversation, talking with Suzanne is always therapeutic. Suzanne brings out the best in all of us because of her openness, expertise, and straightforward approach. With her help, we have become more direct, transparent, and focused as an organization. Employee issues do not dilute our work; our teams are thriving and taking pride in their work again.

Owner, Printscape Imaging and Graphics

Through DiSC our leadership team learned when facing a challenge to lean into self-awareness and leverage the different styles to use to our advantage in problem-solving.

VP Human Resources, RoadRunner Waste Management

Our 110+ staff explored the six types of working genius, helping participants better understand their unique strengths and frustrations and how to maximize fulfillment in their teams.

Manager, Department of Energy

I have admired your talent, work, and enthusiasm at every seminar. Thank you for being such an  inspirational, positive, and fun speaker/leader. There are some people who we cross paths with in our lives that leave a lasting impact, and you are one of them.

Heathcare Leader

About our founder, Suzanne

Suzanne has inspired people to grow into the best version of themselves for over 25 years. She has coached individuals and teams throughout her extensive and successful corporate and consulting career.

Author of Stiletto Standards

What Every Woman Needs to Know to Live the Life of Her Own Design

Stiletto Standards book cover

Harness the Power of DiSC®

Personal development learning experiences empower organizations to ignite culture transformation.