Empowering leadership excellence

WeInspire’s approach to leadership development offers a tailored, value-driven journey for leaders at every level – from individual contributors to executives and teams.

We focus on behaviors that elevate performance, leveraging a strengths-based strategy for impactful results. With one-on-one coaching and tailored leadership workshops, we ensure a nurturing environment for leaders to thrive, innovate, and lead with purpose.

Tailored Solutions

Our solution for leadership development are unique and tailored using PACES (Prepare, Assess, Challenge, Execute, Support), our values-driven, behavioral-based, strengths-focused, and results-oriented framework designed to engage and bring out the best in individuals and teams. 

The PACES solution is broken down into a proven 5-step process to prepare and plan for success. We assist with navigating and defining what success means to each leader and the path or plan to get there or they you define it. A strengths-based approach gets results, which then, in return, supports leaders in excelling in areas that draw on their natural strengths. Identifying and leveraging strengths will help leaders reach optimal success, gain greater clarity around their “why” and their driving purpose.

WeInspire is committed to fostering growth, cultivating self-awareness, and nurturing each leader’s unique talents and strengths.

We help you get results through:

  • Comprehensive executive coaching
  • Talent strategy design
  • Leadership development programs
  • Tailored one-off leadership workshops

Tools Used to Support Development Success

  • Engagement surveys and employee focus groups

  • DiSC Profiles

  • 360-degree talent reviews

  • Tailored workshop content, business models and other mindset and behavior changing tools

Leadership Development Workshops

  • Leading Change
  • Managing Healthy Conflict
  • Behavioral-Based Interviewing
  • Coaching and Motivating Others


Suzanne’s significantly impacted my personal and professional life. I’ve recognized that growth requires you to be uncomfortable, and she applies her own strengths to help you stretch to greater impact in this space while building a trust-based partnership. I’ve seen greater effectiveness and productivity, increased awareness and perspective, confidence, and more effective leadership. After all, leadership is a practice – just like yoga or medicine, great leaders continue to learn and evolve to meet the needs of their teams and organizations.

—Executive Coaching Client

Embark on your leadership journey with WeInspire.

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