Post-Covid Culture Care


In 2023, a new client was referred to us to partner with them to implement talent strategies design to help the company heal and refocus in a post pandemic With 300+ employees distributed across the country and over 40 years in business, the organization wanted to refresh its focus on leadership development and support its team members as they worked through changes in work expectation and new hybrid working policies.

What challenges did you and your team experience before engaging with Suzanne? 

Changes in executive leadership coupled with an historically tight employee community, and an ambitious 3-year plan, the organization recognized the need to bring clarity to its vision for maintaining a healthy work culture and building intention around how leaders lead.

How did Suzanne solve the problem that the business faced?

Leadership Competency Selection and Development

Building upon the organization’s core values and its strategic plan, we helped the executive team select and refire core leadership competencies, build out a custom competency dictionary and help workshop to introduce and educate all leaders about the understanding, assessing, and development leadership competencies for themselves and their teams.

Hybrid Culture Needs and Support

Working with a newly developed work-from-home policy, we designed and facilitated employee workshops with the overarching goal of educating and encouraging the adoption of best practices when working on and leading hybrid teams. We also created a guide for managing in ways that are in service the company’s core values and in-tune with modern research including topics like effective performance management, maintaining psychological safety, engaging team meetings, and employee recognition.


Tools used with the organization:

  • Korn Ferry Leadership Architect competency card decks
  • Focus group facilitation and employee input
  • 3rd party analysis on job roles and workspace design