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Create a new hire experience with DiSC that builds strong connections and helps employees bust through barriers to joining a new team.

Did you know that one of the top three reasons first-year college students drop out is because they find it hard to fit in? Research has found that loneliness comes just after financial challenges and academic struggles when tracking the reasons that students leave during their freshman year.

Going to college is a significant life change, with challenges associated with socialization, building new relationships, and figuring out how to fit in. Starting a new job is a similar life change. As recent studies and headlines about the modern workplace draw our attention to the need for stronger connections, we must consider how we help newly hired employees fit in. The Pew Research Center published findings from a 2021 study that tells us 57% of workers left their jobs because they felt disrespected at work.

So, what tools do we have to support employees transitioning into our organizations, joining new teams, and reporting to new bosses?Robust HR processes and competent hiring managers are essential to the onboarding process. Thoughtful and thorough new hire orientation experiences, planful 90-day plans complete with objectives and clear outcomes, specific instructions for critical job tasks, and a guide for finding who and what employees need to do their work are game stakes to create an onboarding experience that increases the odds employees will discover the stride early and stay for a long time. Companies with high new hire attrition need an intentional process for building connections with teammates and leaders.

Companies invest significant amounts of money into attracting and selecting the right talent. Recruiting the right person is a considerable investment, from advertising to the hours spent vetting and interviewing. Recent studies tell us it’s over $4,000 per hire and even more depending on industry and roles. But when an employee feels unwelcome, disrespected, has trouble fitting in, or trips out of the gate, both the employee and company can start to question the decision. Using Everything DiSC® as a tool to welcome and acclimate new team members to the organization and team is a way to secure a return on your investment.

A DiSC profile speeds up the getting-to-know-you process. Imagine having access to the style characteristics of a new team you join.

Understanding someone’s communication preferences – do they like details or the big pictures; do they want a story or bottom-line messages?

Will they need time to process, or do they easily and quickly respond to questions?

DiSC and Catalyst give us the lay of the land and directional advice to navigate new relationships.

Knowing your boss’s style helps you perform better. We all know the manager/employee relationship is the most important one to foster at work. Sharing DiSC results, comparing types, and discussing how to work together will eliminate misunderstandings early, expedite trust, and set employees up for early success.

DiSC’s common language helps break down barriers. Joining a team and figuring out inside jokes, references to past projects, and the company’s glossary of terms and abbreviations is challenging and often isolating. Catalyst Group reports help to neutralize some of the angst of joining a new team and provide insight into its members’ intentions, motivations, and habits.

Why not work to reduce feelings of disrespect and create a welcoming experience on the team by acknowledging and addressing the group dynamics with new members as they onboard?

Consider the power of DiSC and Catalyst to reduce your new employee dropout rate and experience a greater return on your investment.

Grab some time with me to talk about how you can improve the new employee experience in your organization…brainstorming is free.


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