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Do you know what the No. 1 thing employees want from their manager?Two decades of research show that employees yearn for coaching from their manager to bring out the best in them as an employee.

Sometimes, a manager must gain the skills necessary to inspire, coach, and engage employees because they may not be innate to them, especially if they recently became a leader of others or are learning to adjust to our new hybrid working environment.

For example, you might disagree with this quote from the article I will share with you today, but it is a message that stood out to me.

“The more senior a leader becomes, the more at risk they are of losing touch with reality.”

Do you believe this to be true? It takes self-awareness and commitment to step outside themselves to gain the clarity they need to adapt as a leader. Often, leaders are so focused on reaching goals, completing tasks at hand, and even coaching others that they can’t possibly separate enough from the grind to focus on themselves and their true impact as a leader.

Here’s where the opportunity for coaching presents itself. An executive coach can provide the tools to help guide managers to success as they define it! As an executive coach, I help uncover the truths that help my clients grow, evolve, and lead purposefully.

“I help motivated leaders tap into their strengths, tackle leadership challenges, and coach them to realize success as they define it.”

Each leader’s leadership style and growth journey differ from others, so creating a personalized plan tailored to their individual strengths is crucial. I work closely with each leader to do just that by identifying their strengths, shedding light on their blind spots, and building a development plan to manage their growth and impact as a leader.

An Executive Coach can level up your organization, and the article linked below shares six ways we do this! High-potential and transitioning leaders deserve a coaching relationship that brings the right mix of challenge, insight, and support to progress from passable to peak leadership performance.

Take a few moments to read the article, and if it sparks an interest in learning more about my Peak Performance Coaching through PACES, then schedule a connection call with me today! After all, leadership is a practice – just like yoga or medicine, and great leaders must continue to learn and evolve to meet the needs of their teams and organizations.

Mentorship Isn’t Enough — Leaders Need Executive Coaching, Too. Here’s Why.


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