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At WeInspire, we don’t just consult; we transform. We have the tools needed for organizational development and custom services that match. One of our services is fractional and on-call advisory services. You may ask yourself, “What’s the difference between Fractional and Outsourced HR?” 


Fractional human resources consultants, also known as part-time HR or interim HR, serves as a member of your organization, fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of traditional HR members but without being a full-time company employee. 

Fractional HR consultants are not just HR professionals; they are strategic partners. They seamlessly integrate into your leadership team, offering a high degree of personalization to your organization’s unique needs. This flexibility and adaptability make them ideal for small- to mid-sized businesses like yours. 

The Value of Fractional HR

Flexibility—Increase or decrease HR services to match the business’s needs. Many smaller companies do not regularly need full-time support but could use an expert at the table on project projects or during times of change and growth.

Cost Effectiveness—Payroll is a considerable expense and a serious commitment. With fractional HR, you get the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost, significantly boosting your bottom line. 

It Provides Additional Expertise and Resources—When you hire a human resources expert, you’re not just getting another in-house team member. You’re gaining access to a wealth of industry knowledge and resources only experienced HR professionals can provide. With a fractional partner, you’re setting yourself up for success.  

Customized Consulting for Organizational Needs—We adapt to your evolving needs. Whether revamping performance management tools, guiding HR policy reviews, or designing leadership development programs, we provide expert advice and actionable solutions.


Many organizations (usually larger with more complex HR requirements) choose to outsource HR functions. These functions are generally more recurring operational or administrative tasks in nature, like payroll, benefits administration, day-to-day company operations, PTO and time tracking, or recruiting and hiring. The services may offer less flexibility but provide robust support for handling large-scale HR operations. 

WeInspire does not offer outsourced solutions, but we can provide referrals to small businesses in our network that can help.

We focus on Fractional HR, providing expert services and exceptional outcomes.

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