About Us


Founded by Suzanne Malausky, WeInspire Talent Solutions helps individual contributors, leaders, and teams tap into behaviors that drive better personal and organizational performance. As an authorized Everything DiSC partner, our work puts assessment insights into action with specific, personalized solutions and strategies. We also offer a full suite of tools and organizational assessment resources we can tailor to your specific objectives

About Suzanne

Suzanne has been inspiring others to do their best for over 20 years. From the intimate setting of an executive board room, to the expansive experience of an auditorium, she brings her consulting, corporate, health care, human resources, leadership experience and insights to her audiences in a straight forward, keenly relatable way. Focusing in on topics like employee engagement, corporate culture, change and personal accountability she inspires better ways of thinking about work and re-energizes your teams around  greater levels of performance.

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What Others Have to Say

A Social Anthropologist

"Suzanne is a ‘social anthropologist’ who can identify and help cultivate healthy company culture norms--someone who can truly hear, relate to, and represent “the people” within an organization as well as speak the language of leadership."

A Lasting Impact

 “I have admired your talent, work and enthusiasm at every seminar.  Thank you for being such an inspirational, positive and fun speaker/leader.  There are some people who we cross paths with in our lives that leave a lasting impact and you are one of them. “ Urgent Care Manager 

Awesome Energy

 “Your ability to liven up the room with your smile and energy was awesome! I loved being a part of your seminars – I left them with a whole new attitude.” Area Medical Director