Talent Strategy Consulting

Employee Lifecycle Assessment

This is a WeInspire exclusive consulting process for gathering and compiling quantitative and qualitative data about the employee experiences in your organization. The work includes a quick, but powerful online survey, stakeholder interviews and facilitated focus groups. You will learn what’s working well and what’s not and where to focus to get the biggest return on your employee engagement and performance investments. This process is a great pre-work activity for leadership retreats and talent strategy discussions. It can help you prioritize efforts and build a business case for investments in improved human capital management; creating a stronger culture and providing a better place to work for your employees. 

Employee Experience Strategy Development

Do you worry or wonder if you are doing the best you to engage and develop your employees? We can help you find the answers and design and implement a strategy to reach greater levels of performance.  Together, we will examine your employer value proposition, your recognition and retention results, your performance system and engagement survey efforts to see what improvements might make sense for your employee and customer base.  Our process begins with creating a vision for success, continues with sound due diligence and plan design and concludes with implementation and a method to track success. This is a consulting partnership that can last from 2 days to 2 years depending upon your unique needs. 

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